FreePint report Dramatic Growth in Corporate Use of Ebooks

[21/08/2015] The FreePint press release notes that the results of their recent survey into the use of ebooks in corporate settings demonstrate that ebook adoption is increasing dramatically in enterprises after many years of lagging. The release continues, "Overall penetration of ebooks in enterprise settings is now approaching 80%, FreePint research illustrates, with a strong appetite for this growth to continue over the next two years. For comparison, 95% of US academic libraries include ebooks as a service offering and have done for the past three years.

One of the press release's statements (see below) - " respondents express concerns about how to manage ebooks as part of their collections, particularly the wide variation in options and licensing terms" is particulartly relevant to UKeiG as this is the exact focus of next month's training event on e-books.

The press release continues: "In manufacturing and biotech/pharmaceutical industries respondents reported adoption rates of 91%, with legal services 73% and professional services 60%.
"35% of respondents reported that use had increased significantly in the last two years. 40% of respondents expect there to be significant usage growth over the next two years, with less than 3% predicting any decrease.

"Benefits of Ebooks
Information professionals and end-users alike are benefiting from the improved access to content for global user communities which ebooks offer. Free-form comments from research participants included: 

"Global ebooks are critical for global corporations, allowing quick, just-in-time access to critical information worldwide"
"All employees [at our offices across the world] should have access to the same content"
"Reducing print redundancy in our 25 regional libraries"

"At the same time, respondents express concerns about how to manage ebooks as part of their collections, particularly the wide variation in options and licensing terms, many of which seem better suited to academic or public library environments.
"Mobile Access to Knowledge
"The proliferation of multiple smart devices has undoubtedly fuelled ebook adoption, allowing information to be accessed from the user's own device, from a fixed point PC or other corporate device.
"However, interestingly respondents reported that the most-used device for accessing ebooks is the desktop computer, with 90% of respondents making this option available, followed by end users' own device at 53%.
"Find Out More, View the Webinar
"Presented by FreePint's director of research, Robin Neidorf, with researchers Libby Trudell and Helen Josephine, the webinar "Corporate Market for Ebooks: A Look at the Research" on 30th July offered the opportunity to hear the highlights from our original research as well as providing research-based insight to support your development of the right answers.
"Webinars are an included benefit of a FreePint Subscription. "Taster"
"access can be arranged for professionals considering a subscription, and press passes to view the webinar are available to members of the media.
"Find Out More, Read the Full report - 189 respondents participated in the research during January and February this year. The full findings including a look at the key vendors of ebooks in the enterprise, licensing considerations, success factors and strategy, are now available to subscribers in FreePint

"Report: Ebook Research 2015.
"To see the breadth of FreePint's offering, visit: For further information, or to arrange an interview with FreePint's director of research, Robin Neidorf, contact: Catherine Dhanjal, Managing Editor, FreePint -    Tel: 0794 166 9925"

"FreePint is an international analyst group that supports organisational investments in information and supports organisations' information strategy by providing unique and practical content, community and consulting on information sources, technology and value."