Information Management can Change the World!

[07 Sept 2015] Inadvertently highlighting the importance of UKeiG's recent award to Lara Whitelaw as the 2015 Information Manager of the Year, CILIP has published a Brifing by Karen McFarlane, "Changing the world for the better through knowledge," in the latest issue of Update (p.11).  Karen highlights The National Archives Information Management (IM) review of lessons learned in practice and the December 2011 UK government document, Information Principles (cited on our Legal Framework: Professional Policies page), as well as the recent Anglo-French taskforce "to enhance cooperation on making government data accessible"; Newcastle University's Centre of Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise report, Information Sharing: easy to say harder to do well report; CILIP's own IM Project; and the IM theme at the hugely successfil CILIP 2015 conference.

She ends by discussin the question of whether IM is a discipline or a skill. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, she opts for both - there are professionals working in IM internationally and we are the profession that imbeds the necessary skills.