UKeiG Factsheets

Trying to get to get to grips with Open URLs? Having problems choosing new reference management software? Look no further. Our regularly updated fact sheets, written by experts in their field, are designed to provide you with a quick and easy to read digest of the key issues affecting all aspects of electronic information.

Each factsheet is also available as a PDF.

Factsheets can be found for:

  • Web 2.0 - Blogs, RSS, Wikis and other 'stuff'

    Factsheets covering anything from social media to social bookmarking.

  • Search Skills

    The latest top search tips!

  • Intranets

    Plenty here: from Intranets to search and from SharePoint to Intranet 2.0

  • Content Management

    Two very useful factsheets in this section!

  • Managing Your e-Information

    A selection of Factsheets covering managing images, references and Open URLs; e-Books, Knowledge Management and Copyright.

  • Management

    Working as a team, and - something based on UKeiG's own experience - planning and running events.

  • Industry or Media Focus

    This new subsection is devoted to specific industry or subject areas, or to particular media such as foreign-language materials. The topic of our first factsheet is the pharmaceutical industry.