UKeiG Members' Area

The pages beneath this one are only visible to UKeiG members who are logged in to the web site.

There is a page especially for new members - please read it!

The Governance area is dedicated to the way the group is run and there is a lot of information available here, with more to be added soon.

  • UKeiG Member Professional Tools and Resources

    UKeiG is beginning to put together a range of resources which will be available online to our members. Eventually, we hope to have white papers, reference tools, and case studies available from this page.

  • All new members start here!

    New members will benefit from reading the page dedicated to them which welcomes then and points them to some of the resources on the site.

  • Benefits of Membership

    The Benefits area lists some of the additional savings available to you as a UKeiG member.

  • UKeiG Governance

    The Governance area provides access to agenda and minutes from both AGMs and regular management committee meetings, as well as some further information about the way the Group is run.

  • UKeiG Committee Resources

    Available only to the current management committee, we maintain an archive of documentation for reference/downloading.