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About UKeiG
    Mission Statement
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Advantages of Membership
    Types of Membership
        Personal Membership
        Student and Unwaged Membership
        Organisational or Institutional Membership
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    Publishing History

Awards and Bursaries
    Student or Early-Career Professional Conference Grant
        Recent Awards
    Student Bursary
    Early Career Award
        2016 Award Winner
        2015 Award Winner
    Research Award
    Jason Farradane Award
        Jason Farradane Award Winners
            2015 Award Winner
            2014 Award Winner
            2013 Award Winner
            2012 Award Winner
            2011 Award Winner
            2010 Award Winner
    Tony Kent Strix Award
        The Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture Series
            The 2016 Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture
                Stephen Robertson
                Peter Ingwersen
            The 2015 Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture
                Jan Wyllie
                Susan T Dumais
        Tony Kent Strix Award Winners
            2015 Award Winner
            2014 Award Winner
            2013 Award Winner
            2012 Award Winners
            2011 Award Winner
            2010 Award Winner
            2009 Award Winner
        Tony Kent Strix Award Sponsors
    Information Manager of the Year
        2016 Information Manager of the Year
        2015 Information Manager of the Year

2016 Training Workshop Diary
    [Pages for individual workshops]
    UKeiG Courses Outside London
        [Pages for individual workshops]
    Training Workshops Lists
        Training List with PKSB (PDF)
        Training by PKSB (PDF)
    Quick Training Topic Index (2016)
    In-house training
    CILIP Professional Knowledge and Skills Base
    Sample UKeiG CPD Certificate


eLucidate - UKeiG's Journal
    eLucidate - Current issue
        Feature articles
        Regular columns
        Book reviews
    eLucidate Archive
    eLucidate Index
    Guidelines for Contributors

    Web 2.0 - Blogs, RSS, Wikis and other 'stuff'
        Social media from strategy to implementation
        Top 10 social media questions you always wanted to ask
        Introduction to blogs
        Social bookmarking
    Search Skills
        Top search tips 2014
        Ten intranet re-launch success factors
        Top tips for taming your intranet
        Ten intranet success factors
        Ten top tips for intranet engagement
        Top tips for intranet 2.0
        Ten enterprise search implementation success factors
        Ten SharePoint success factors
    Content Management
        Ten CMS implementation success factors
        Ten content migration success factors
    Managing Your e-Information
        Top tips on managing your images
        Top tips on referencing and reference management software
        e-Book Basics
        Social e-Books
        Open Access
        Knowledge Management quick wins
        All you ever wanted to know about copyright but were afraid to ask
        A Brief Guide to Records Management
        Planning, preparation and performance: top tips for running the “perfect" event
        Ten Digital Workplace Success Factors
        Ten virtual team success factors
    Industry or Media Focus
        Pharmaceutical R&D – Key information resources and the role of Knowledge Management

UKeiG Commentaries: Statement, Notices and Papers
    The Marrakesh Treaty and its Implications
    Legal Deposit and Access to Parliamentary Papers
    Disabled Student Allowances changes – key issues for libraries
    Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: CILIP Response to the Joint Select Committee
    Information Management and ISO9001:2015
    EU Safe Harbour

Other Publications
    UKeiG Open Access White Papers
        UKeiG 2016/01: The Internet of Things
        UKeiG 2015/01: Open Science, Open Data, Open Access...
    Electronic Information Resources Abstracts

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    Member Professional Tools and Resources
        Current Awareness
            Individual citation/abstract pages
            Annual References by Main Tags
                Electronic Information Resources Abstracts
            Journal Coverage
            Book Reviews in eLucidate
        Reference Tools
            Legal Framework: Business and Company
            Legal Framework: Copyright and Data Protection
            Legal Framework: Europe
            Legal Framework: Human Rights
            Legal Framework: Libraries and Information
            Legal Framework: Languages
            Legal Framework: Professional Policies
            Legal Framework: Useful Contacts
        White Papers
            2016/02: Digital Ethics
            2016/01: The Internet of Things
            2015/01: Open Science, Open Data, Open Access...
        2016 Members' Day Presentations
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    Benefits of Membership
        Intranet Forum
        LIS-UKeiG Discussion List
        General Meetings
        Management Committee Meetings
        UKeiG Management Committees
            2014 Committee
            2013 Committee
            2012 Committee
        Activity Groups
            Horizon Scanning, Advocacy, eLucidate
            Information Management and Knowledge Management
            Market Research, Website and Membership Engagement
            Networking and Knowledge Sharing
            Training, Professional Development, Awards, Bursaries, Conferences
        Member Networks Forum
        Associated Committees and Panels
    UKeiG Committee Resources

    Internet Librarian International
    Intranet Now
    ISKO UK Biennial Conference
    The Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture Series
    "Online" and the UKOLUG Annual Lecture


Management Committee
    Honorary Secretary
    Honorary Treasurer
    Editor, eLucidate
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    Administrator and Contact

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