YLG publishes practical guides on the important current issues for library services for children and young people and other occasional publications.

The Youth Library Review is the journal of the CILIP Youth Libraries Group (YLG) and is published annually.

YLR's aims are:

  • To inform YLG members of the work carried out on their behalf
  • To report on the wider world of children’s librarianship by focusing on key issues and government initiatives
  • To celebrate the work librarians working with children

Each edition includes:

  • Commissioned articles from our members on a given theme of topical interest.
  •  A report from the current YLG Chair on their plans for the coming year
  • Minutes and Treasurer’s Report for the previous year’s YLG AGM and the agenda for the following year
  • News from members
  • As each issue is archived on the web after publication, members have access to the articles that have appeared in YLR since Spring 2005 onwards.
  • Youth Library Review Magazine

    Archive copies of the Youth Library Review

  • Monthly eNewsletters

    Youth Libraries Group monthly eNewsletters are archived here for 3-4 months. To submit news articles or share information for the latest edition of the YLG eNewsletter contact

  • Image and Imagination

    A detailed and fully-illustrated look at the illustrators and books that have won the coveted Kate Greenaway Medal during its fifty year history, from Edward Ardizonne's Tim All Alone to Mini Grey's The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon.

    Edited by Ian Dodds and Sue Roe

  • Reading Remixed and Read Smarter

    Reading Remixed: New Approaches to Library Services for Teenagers. Originally published 2003

    Read Smarter not Harder:Reading Promotions for Children's Libraries.  Originally published 2000

  • A Safe Place for Children

    A useful guide to safety and protection issues for libraries in relation to children and their families

  • Voices from the Archive CD

    A double CD of edited sound clips that includes excerpts from medal ceremony speeches, celebration events and personal reminiscences from authors, illustrators, librarians and publishers.

  • Voices from the Archive CD and Transcript

  • Publication suppliers

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