CILIP Ireland

Working on behalf of members to improve and support library and information services throughout the island of Ireland. Committee members represent the public, academic, government and schools sectors.

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  • CILIP survey for Solo LIS workers

    25 April 2016

    Leon Flower (Swindon Libraries & Information Service) and Barbara Ferramosca (Lilian Baylis Technology School) have chosen to work on the Supporting Solo Workers Project as part of the CILIP Leadership Programme.  They have developed a short online questionnaire aimed at solo workers (CILIP m

  • "How the Assembly Works" attendees

    "How the Assembly Works" Training

    9 March 2016

    The CILIP Ireland election campaign is working to raise awareness among local politicians of the key issues affecting the profession in Northern Ireland. The campaign is also focused on empowering our members to undertake personal advocacy.

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