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CILIP Short Course Accreditation

Short Course Accreditation

What is CILIP Short Course Accreditation?

CILIP accreditation stands for quality. By choosing a CILIP accredited course, learners can feel confident that the content is high quality and has been tested against the professional standard by an independent assessor. The CILIP accreditation certifies quality learning and delivery as well as relevance to the employment market.

Our Short Course Accreditation offers the same quality guarantee to shorter and modular courses which don’t lead to a formal qualification. This includes modular courses, day courses and online courses within the Library, Knowledge or Information field.

Accredited Short Courses are recommend for L&D professionals booking training for their organisations and independent learners looking to enhance their skills. You’ll find a full list of short courses which we accredit below.

How does short course accreditation work?

All CILIP Accredited Short Courses are independently assessed every three years to ensure they meet the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the course to the professional standard (CILIP’s Professional Knowledge and Skills Base)
  • The learning provider is providing a high-quality learning experience
  • The learning provider engages with employers to ensure that programmes are relevant
  • Staff and trainers are up to date with current professional practice
  • Learners are encouraged to engage with their professional body CILIP

  • Your submission is assessed by an independent assessor. If your course meets the criteria, you will be awarded CILIP accreditation. Your accreditation will last for 3 years (subject to terms and conditions).

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    Course list

    Course Title Organisation Accredited to:
    The Chief Data Officer Summer School Carruthers and Jackson 5th April 2023

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