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Nation of Readers

Nation of Readers

In 2020, CILIP is running a year-long programme to celebrate the power of the book and the positive impacts of reading as a key element of the value proposition of all library and information services.

CILIP’s mission for this programme of work is to inspire and empower people to shape a better world through books and reading.

Key activities for #NationofReaders include:

  • Ongoing engagement with all parts of the book industry, including publishers, agents, booksellers, authors and illustrators, literacy organisations, data-brokers and of course librarians.
  • Focusing the celebrations for Libraries Week 2020 on the theme of ‘Books and Reading’.
  • Supporting the Universal Reading Offer in partnership with Libraries Connected.
  • Supporting the BBC and other partners on their programme of activity in libraries across the country to celebrate the Novels that Shaped our World.
  • Promoting diversity in books and reading through CILIP’s Pen&inc. magazine and the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards, working in close collaboration with the CILIP Youth Libraries Group.

Discover more about the ongoing work and commitment of CILIP and the sector to build a nation of readers.

Liverpool Central Library Pen&inc. is CILIP's magazine and listings guide to celebrate diversity and inclusion in Children's Publishing.

Youth Libraries Group CILIP’s Youth Libraries Group are advocates for children’s books and reading and promote outstanding and diverse books and their creators through their highly engaging blog.
Youth Libraries Group
Libraries Week Libraries Week 2020 will celebrate the nation’s much-loved libraries and their vital role in the UK’s book culture.
Libraries Week 2020

Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Awards The CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Awards connects young readers with outstanding children’s writing and illustration.
CKG Awards
Libraries Week Stories have the power to change us. We are proud to partner with the BBC on their novels season which encourages all readers to explore the novels that shape their lives.
BBC Novels Season
Libraries Connected Through the Universal Reading Offer, libraries support the growth of a literate, empathetic and confident society, encouraging individuals of all ages to read for pleasure and purpose.
Libraries Connected Reading offer

Reading by Right cover image

Reading by Right, edited by Joy Court

Reading by Right: Successful strategies to ensure every child can read to succeed provides a collection of chapters from international experts covering aspects of overcoming reading difficulties or reading reluctance in children and young people. The book reveals strategies that are proving effective in overcoming barriers to reading from birth to teens, looking at practices and projects from around the globe and revealing some common principles and drivers that have generated success.


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Nation of Readers is supported by Nielsen Book

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