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CILIP Benevolent Fund

Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund, which is an independent charity (Registered charity number 237352) with its own Trustees, exists to help CILIP (LA/IIS) colleagues and their families who have fallen on hard times or have been faced with unexpected financial difficulties.

How the Fund can help

It can help with any unusual or unexpected expenses that may be causing anxiety and hardship. For example, urgent house repairs; the replacement of necessary household equipment; unexpectedly large heating bills which a member in difficulties might find it impossible to cope with; bank overdrafts or other debts that have accumulated unavoidably on account of illness. These are only limited examples from the very wide range of difficulties which the fund has been able to help resolve.

How help is given

The Fund's help is usually given as a grant of money and usually to the supplier. 

What else the Fund can do

The Fund, as a result of its considerable experience, has built up contacts with a wide range of charities and other bodies, and has been able to supplement the help it gives members by additional help from these other bodies.

How to apply for help

The Trustees usually meet three or four times a year, but have made arrangements so that they can act immediately and urgently between meetings. The usual procedure is for applicants to contact the Fund outlining their difficulties. Contact details are given below. It is important to emphasise that the business of the Fund is conducted with strict confidentiality. With the agreement of the applicant, a visit is arranged to discuss the difficulty with him/her and the way in which the Fund can best help to resolve it. On the basis of this visit and the information derived from it, the Chairman, after consulting fellow Trustees, will take a decision, usually within a few days.

How you can help the Fund

At the time of your subscription renewal you can include a donation to the Fund by completing the Benevolent Fund box on the renewal form. You can also make a donation at any time using the Benevolent Fund donation form or by donating online.You may also be interested in making a bequest to the Fund for which a separate guidance document, A Will to Help is available.

Contact the Fund

Please submit your details online or if you prefer you can print out the Initial Contact Form and return it to the Chair at the details listed below: 

Chair, CILIP Benevolent Fund
7 Ridgmount Street

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