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CILIP is working with several partner bodies (including IHRIM, SOCITM, BCS, APHA) to develop a community of professionals working within or alongside health and care informatics. The Federation for Informatics Professionals (FEDIP) is a registration body that aims to bring like-minded professionals together to develop standards and improve access to health and care services through information and digital services.

About Registration

If you believe in the value and importance that knowledge and information bring to clinical decision-making and health and care service delivery, you can show your support and raise your professional standing by gaining registered status with FEDIP.

This does not replace Professional Registration, but supplements it by providing evidence that you have achieved a certain level of competence within informatics.

Registration is open to anyone practising anywhere within the health and care informatics spectrum: whether you are a librarian at a trainee hospital or a knowledge manager within a trust or anywhere in between. If you improve delivery of services through knowledge and information, there is a good change you will satisfy the requirements for FEDIP registration.

What level is right for you?

There are four levels of registration that you can apply for.

  • exercise autonomy subject to overall guidance and direction
  • perform a range of work, sometimes complex and non-routine
  • select and use relevant methods and procedures
  • demonstrate an analytical and systematic approach to issue resolution

  • exercise autonomy within limited parameters and may have responsibility for the work of others
  • perform a range of work, often complex
  • perform non-routine technical / professional activities
  • identify, select and use appropriate standards, methods, tools and applications

  • exercise autonomy within broad but well-defined parameters
  • build appropriate and effective business relationships
  • perform a range of complex technical / professional work
  • apply fundamental principles in meeting work requirements
  • advise on methods and tools relevant to your own specialism, making appropriate choices from alternatives

  • exercise autonomy within broad parameters
  • have authority over all aspects of a significant area of work
  • formulate and implement policy and strategy
  • address complex, non-routine organisational problems
  • have a full range of strategic leadership and management skills
  • understand the industry in depth and the wider business implications of emerging technologies

What next and where do I find out more?

Please contact Member Services at for more information.

What are the requirements for registration?

There are two key requirements before you can enrol:

  • You need to be a current member of CILIP (or one of the partner professional bodies).
  • You need to have attained Professional Registration and recently revalidated.

Once enrolled you will need to submit a portfolio that maps out your experience (including evidence) to five key criteria taken from the FEDIP standards. There are a lot more competencies described in the standards, but holders of Professional Registration will have met these already. Your portfolio will also include a supporting letter from a suitable referee.

If you're interested in registering for the FEDIP programme, please email Jo Cornish.

What are the benefits?

Professional standing: successful candidates gain postnominals and recognition amongst those practising in the sector, demonstrating their ability to help deliver better services

Community: entry into the register brings you into a wide network of professionals in a wide number of specialisms; as FEDIP grows, so will this community of shared best practice

Commitment: you will also be able to demonstrate that you are committed to the delivering the best in health and care services, advocating for the value of informatics


How long does it take?

This varies between candidates, but because the process is not as detailed as Professional Registration, it can take as little as four to six weeks to assemble a portfolio. Once this is submitted assessments are generally made in two months.

What are the costs?

Initially there is a submission fee of £25. This is followed by a £25 license fee, paid annually on the anniversary of your CILIP membership. 



More about FEDIP and informatics standards

One of FEDIP's first achievements was to produce a new set of standards for those practising in health and social care. This is a comprehensive document setting out a variety of descriptions and benchmarks for those working with knowledge and information.

Read the FEDIP standards.

The Federation launched with the 'Well Connected' campaign with the aim of bringing more professionals together from across the health sector. Society needs better health and care. That’s only going to happen by the professionals who can harness information and technology, and have the integrity to put people and their communities first, coming together and inspiring each other to deliver citizen impact. You can watch a short, informative video about the campaign below:


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