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How does it work?

Our portfolio-based approach provides a flexible and practical approach to suit your busy life. The application process is the same for Certification, Chartership and Fellowship with tailored assessment criteria for each level. It usually takes 6-12 months to gain a level of Professional Registration.

With support from a mentor you create and submit a portfolio of your skills, knowledge and experience that demonstrates how you meet the criteria.

Step-by-step guide

Whether you’re applying for Certification, Chartership or Fellowship, you go through the same simple process.

  • Join CILIP if you’re not already a member.
  • Enrol.
  • Find and connect with a mentor.
  • Explore the Professional Knowledge and Skills Base - CILIP’s skills map for information professionals.
  • Spend time on your Continuous Professional Development and collect evidence of your skills and knowledge.
  • Assemble your portfolio which includes your evidence and a 1,000 word statement that shows how you have met the criteria.
  • Submit.

Your portfolio will then be assessed and we will contact you with the result.

Once you have gained a level of Professional Registration you can demonstrate your commitment to Continuing Professional Development by Revalidating every year. Revalidation is free and you simply need to take part in at least 20 hours of CPD a year and submit a short statement.

How much does it cost?

If you are not already a CILIP member you should join as a Student, Member or Leader to start your journey towards Professional Registration.

Once you are a member you pay a fee to enrol for Professional Registration and when you submit your portfolio.

Level of Professional Registration Cost to enrol Cost to submit your portfolio
Certification £45 £45
Chartership £75 £75
Knowledge Management Chartership £75 £75
Fellowship £95 £95
Revalidation Free Free


If you need to re-submit your portfolio you will need to pay the submission fee again, but you do not need to re-enroll.

Once you have gained Certification, Chartership or Fellowship your membership is upgraded to a Registered Professional, with a new membership rate of £10.83 a month (£130 a year) or £6.67 (£80) for those members on a concessionary rate.

You can use the postnominals ACLIP, MCLIP or FCLIP for as long as you are a member of CILIP.


You will find information on enrolment and what is involved for Professional Registration on the pages for Certifcation, Chartership and Fellowship. Please contact Member Services for further information and advice.

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