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Why revalidate?

By undertaking Professional Registration, you’ve already shown a your commitment to improving your professional knowledge. One way to demonstrate your ongoing commitment is to revalidate your CILIP Certification, Chartership or Fellowship and ensure you get the professional recognition you deserve for keeping your skills up-to-date and staying in touch with the latest developments in the profession.

Revalidation is voluntary, but if you’ve had a career break or changed sectors, revalidating your Professional Registration demonstrates to employers and potential employers that you are in touch with your profession and committed to your professional development.

How to revalidate

Revalidating is free and you can do it annually. All you need is to complete 20 hours of CPD and submit a short statement (250 words, max) reflecting on how your annual CPD has developed your skills and knowledge to meet the assessment criteria for the level of Professional Registration you have.

Certification Assessment Criteria
Chartership Assessment Criteria
Fellowship Assessment Criteria

We have produced a template for you to use for your revalidation. Please download the one for your level of professional registration and complete it.

Certification Template
Chartership Template
Fellowship Template

Make sure that you save your completed revalidation submission following the file naming conventions outlined in the template E.g.

E.g. Jo-Bloggs-Certification-revalidation-2019

E.g. Jo-Bloggs-Chartership-revalidation-2019

E.g. Jo-Bloggs-Fellowship-revalidation-2019

Submit your revalidation using the online form as a .doc or .docx file. You will receive an auto-generated reply and then a personal acknowledgement from CILIP staff. If you do not receive a personal email within 7 working days please contact
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Remember that reading a professional publication, talking about professional issues with a colleague and engaging on social media are all valid CPD activities - as well as attending a formal training course or a conference. If you have previously revalidated, the feedback you received will be very useful for preparing your new revalidation submission.

All CILIP members already complete more than 20 hours of CPD in a year, so by revalidating, you will get professional recognition for doing so!

If you need a hand preparing and submitting your revalidation log and reflective statement, drop our Member Services team a line – they’ll be happy to help.

Frequently asked questions
We’ve gathered the most common questions about revalidation below:

No, members will not lose their post-nominals or member status if they remain in membership and do not revalidate: however you will not have your entry on the Register of Practitioners updated if you do not revalidate.

You already do it. CPD includes everyday activities such as reading about professional issues, attending meetings, and participating in social media and informal discussions - as well as conferences and training.

CPD activities needn’t cost you anything more than your time. As part of your membership benefits you already have access to CPD such as webinars, Information Professional magazine and e-learning modules.

No, retired members are exempt from having to revalidate. However, if you are retired and would like to revalidate then you would be very welcome to do so.
Contact us
For further information and advice on revalidation, contact the Member Services team:

Finally got round to completing and submitting my #CILIP revalidation this year. Just got an email from @CILIPinfo to say I was successful! It was a useful process and nice to reflect on what I learnt over the last year.

Elen Davies
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