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Welcome to the CILIP community.  Whatever your location or field of interest the CILIP community offers great opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and skills and develop your career.  You can connect with fellow members through our dedicated professional network, SocialLink, and through Devolved Nations, Regional Member Networks and Special Interest Groups.



Devolved Nations

Whether you live or work in Scotland, Wales, Ireland or England, you’ll find a CILIP community on hand to assist you. Each nation has a unique package of support for local members spanning access to events, training, networking and CPD opportunities

Regional Networks

In England, your Regional Member Network is invaluable source information, advice and learning support. Each network has its own programme of events available to members nearer to your home or place of work.

Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups are there to help connect with like-minded people who are passionate about the same areas of professional interest,  They will help you unlock your career potential and gain the knowledge you need to excel.  You can join as many groups as you like.

Communities online

You can find groups' websites, social presence and online journals on the page below

Member networks online

Your professional network

Our professional network, SocialLink, makes it possible to connect with other members and groups directly. You can share your experiences and get advice, find events and training, and get insight and analysis through exclusive articles and resources.

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Your involvement powers our community

The CILIP community is powered by volunteers. Each groups success is built on the dedication and passion of people like you. If you’d like to be more involved in their work you can join one of the committees and play a part in how they are managed. Each group operates under the CILIP umbrella but is largely independent. To find out more just get in touch to see with your chosen group and see if they have vacancies.

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