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CILIP Copyright Conference - Programme
Wed, April 25
9:15 am

Registration and refreshments


10:00 am



Naomi Korn
10:10 am

Keynote presentation - Open: Unlocking value

Josie will be talking about open licensing, and some of the key issues modern organisations and leaders within digital economies need to understand and make decisions about. Although there is widespread, global progress being made in relation to open liceensing, organisational development varies wildly with many still missing being able to work in innovative, creative and effective ways because they lack essential basic knowledge. The opportunities for generating social and economic value have changed as digital has become mainstream, and open licensing, along with open practice, is key to unlocking this value.

Josie Fraser
10:40 am

CILIP Copyright Presentation

CILIP President Ayub Khan will explain how the newly-revitalised Library and Information Association will address key issues for the sector including advocacy, copyright, licensing, the legislative agenda and Brexit. He will also discuss plans to assist members with future-proofing their careers in a fast-changing world.

Ayub Khan
10:55 am

It’s time to talk about rights retention and researcher copyright: how the UK-SCL can help

Chris will outline the work she has been leading to bring the Harvard Model Open Access Policy to the UK – the UK Scholarly Communications Model Policy and Licence. She will describe how the model works in the UK policy environment, and will set this in the context of copyright and rights retention by academics.

Chris Banks
11:20 am



11:50 am

Lightning talk – Five exceptional minutes

Alan will be emphasising the flexibility of the exceptions in the 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents Act, encouraging schools and colleges (and HE as well) to become more risk aware rather than risk averse. He will also highlight that Collective Management Organisations are not mentioned by name in the Act, nor is there any necessity for their licences to be taken out. There are alternatives.

Alan Rae
11:55 am

UK Copyright Policy developments: a view from the Government

Over the past five years copyright policy in the UK has undergone a number of changes. But it is not over yet as there are more in the pipeline both as a result of proposals in the Digital Single Market copyright reform programme and potentially as a result of Brexit. This presentation will give an overview of what changes may be likely in the future.

Robin Stout
12:20 pm

Lightning talk - Key top tips on clearing rights in moving images

The aim of this talk is to highlight some of the most important issues to consider when dealing with copyright in moving images and to offer practical advice.

Corinna Reicher
12:25 pm

Panel discussion


12:50 pm



1:55 pm

Contract and licensing management issues in a law library - key issues

Ruth will be covering: - What is the purpose and function of a law library and how it sits within the organisation of a law firm? - The types of materials you have in a law library and a short overview basics of copyright law and exemptions with reference to how they do and don’t apply to law libraries. - Commercial contracts the firm/a law library has with some suppliers, concentrating on leading online vendors and how they govern what you can and can’t do. - Areas of issues and infringements and what are your areas of responsibility.

Ruth Morris
2:20 pm

Organisational governance of information assets – copyright in context

From her cross sector perspective, Carol will explore how copyright policy and practice has developed as part of the wider information security and data protection now firmly rooted in the digital agenda.

Carol Tullo
2:45 pm

Lightning talk - Libraries and rights clearance: a square peg in a round hole?

As part of the British Library’s Save Our Sounds Project, the library is hoping to clear the rights in 100,000 recordings. This lightning talk will touch on the rights clearance methodologies underpinning this ambitious goal.

Benjamin White
2:50 pm



3:20 pm

Managing copyright in an international organisation working in the educational and cultural sectors

Debbie was the first Intellectual Property Manager at the British Council. In 2012 65% of staff felt the IP skills in their team were inadequate; now 77% of staff are confident in their understanding of copyright issues. She will share the short term wins and longer term strategies used in the first five years to increase awareness of the importance of copyright and improve management of copyright amongst staff in the UK and around the world.

Debbie McDonnell
3:45 pm

A day in the life of a copyright/licensing expert

Copyright advisors get involved with a huge variety of different debates and discussions ranging from individuals looking for guidance on how to use other people’s content, to liaising with publishers over accessible text requests, and to advising senior management implementing new IP policies. Alex will explore what a typical day in his working life might look like as he works with people across campus.

Alex Fenlon
4:10 pm

Panel discussion


4:35 pm

Closing remarks


Naomi Korn
4:40 pm



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