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New Vice President to 'honour the past and look to the future’


David Stewart to become CILIP Vice President

DIRECTOR of Health Libraries North David Stewart will become CILIP Vice President in the New Year.

David was elected unopposed and will take up the position from Ayub Kahn, who steps up to become President on 1 January. He has been a CILIP (and previously Library Association) member for 36 years, holding various roles within the organisation – including on the board of trustees and as chair of CILIP’s Health Libraries Group.

First on the agenda for David will be to get to know the new President and reacquaint himself with CILIP’s Board. However, he says the real work of his time as Vice President, followed in 2019 as President, should be a close match to his current role. He said: “I want to see what opportunities there are to help out. In my current job as Director for Health Libraries North, my job is to go wherever I am needed and make the case for librarians. And I suppose being Vice President, I will do the same. Wherever CILIP needs me, wherever people want me I am happy to come and talk and explain what drives me, what makes me passionate and what makes me cross. I will do what’s needed. As we go through 2018, I want to be preparing for president in 2019.”

He says he will be driven by two passions – research and evidence; and recognising and celebrating CILIP and the library profession’s history, adding: “I want to honour the past and look to the future.”

David’s two-year tenure as VP and President comes as CILIP embarks on major change, following this month’s launch of the new membership model. David says there will still be challenges ahead, but says he is both hopeful and confident that the changes will work.

He says: “If we believe librarianship is a profession – then we need a professional body. You cannot have a profession without a professional body and all the ethics, educational infrastructure and campaigning that goes with a professional body. For instance, we are going to hold our heads up in the health sector in a room full of doctors and nurses and para-professionals who are all professionals with a code of ethics, educational standards and career structures and say we are a ‘health profession too’, then it goes without saying that we need a professional body that is as influential and powerful as a Royal college is.’

CILIP members can vote in this year’s Board elections where Leon Bolton, Dawn Finch, Naomi Korn and John Trevor-Allen are standing, with three places available. Visit here for details on how to take part.



Contributor: Information Professional
Published: 8 November 2017




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