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Online PKSB – New Year New Functions

Online PKSB Tool – New Year New Functions

Why not start your new year with a look at the “new and improved” online PKSB tool. It’s a great way to assess your current skill set, and identify areas that you want to improve to get that dream job.

What’s Changed?

So what has changed in the new version?

We’ve updated the Ethics and Values section to reflect our new Ethical framework
  • We’ve added a new report Rated Areas – this will show all the areas in the PKSB where you have rated yourself 1 or above. So no more having to download the whole PKSB report to see the areas where you have rated yourself.
  • We’ve added a third column to the ratings [see screenshot below], so you can now rate as follows:
    • Your Initial score – where you started from
    • Your Target score – where you want to be
    • Your Current score – where you are now.

If you are in the process of doing your professional registration this means that you can produce one PKSB for your submission that shows your developmental journey rather than having to produce an initial and final one.

We hope you find these changes useful. Access the online PKSB tool here and start planning your professional development now.

Press release

Published: 11 January 2019

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