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CILIP Privacy Briefing 2017
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Balancing privacy and access to information

Tuesday, 28th November 2017, London

CILIP will be hosting a brand new Privacy Briefing in 2017 focusing on the ethics and principles affecting library and information professionals.

There is increasing anxiety in information work about the tension between the freedom of access to information and the right of an individual to privacy concerning personal data, as well as the role of the information professional in defending people’s right to seek out and access different kinds of information. Recent legislation has not clarified that tension. The impact of technology and the ease with which data is now generated, stored, processed and published means we, as information professionals must be even more vigilant about protecting the interests of the users.

Finding the balance between user privacy and the need to have access to information is not simple. This Briefing seeks to address some of the areas of concern, as well as assist information professionals in understanding the basic principles of user privacy and to reflect on their own practice as well as those of their employing organisation.

This event is aimed at library and information professionals from all sectors wishing to develop their knowledge on privacy, GDPR and the rights of users versus the right to collect data. If your organisation or service collects data in any way this event will be of relevance in both a legal and ethical sense. It focuses on the legal and ethical boundaries of collecting data, why data collection is essential and also how to protect the rights of the user or customer.


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