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LIRG Blog entry from our CILIP Conference 2019 bursary winner, Kamila Brown.

Posted By Fariba Bannerman, 22 July 2019
My name is Kamila Brown and I am a Senior Library Assistant/IT Support Assistant from Arts and Social Studies Library in Cardiff University. Thanks to the CILIP LIRG (Library Information and Research Group), I had an amazing opportunity to attend my first ever CILIP conference #CILIPConf19. This year’s conference took place in Manchester on the 3rd and 4th July, in the University Place, conveniently located on Oxford Street, in the heart of the city. The conference programme offered a range of interesting seminars, workshops and keynotes. I must confess that I found it very hard to choose which of the five parallel sessions to attend! I decided, however, that I would attend sessions, which would mostly benefit my career path, and which are of a great interest to me. On the first day of the conference, I arrived at the venue around 11 AM o’clock. Having missed the first keynote (due to my very late train from Cardiff) I began the conference with the ‘Don’t be afraid of Social Media’ workshop, as Mike Jones (University of Winchester) and Jo Wood (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafass)), presented the world of social media platforms from a slightly different angle. Amongst the topics they touched on were, how to make the most out of social media to create your professional profile as a library worker, pointed out the benefits as well as negatives of using social media, and demonstrated how social media tools can be used for personal and professional purposes. My interest lies mainly in the former ones. Jo, who is also the creator of Librarians with Lives (LwL) podcast and blog, pointed out that using social media doesn’t always bring positives, and that she, herself, finds it overwhelming and stressful at times. I can relate her remark to my own experience with social media, where seeing someone with far more followers that you have, and watching someone else’s updates adding up very fast, leaves you worried that you don’t know what to post or that your posts aren’t as great. This can be intimidating. It was actually comforting to know that it isn’t just only me feeling this way. On the other hand, Jo and Mike highlighted that social media can bring many positives, and this includes, learning, gathering ideas, being a part of global communities, keeping informed on the latest news, the immediacy of information, etc. These, in particular, are great benefits of using social media for professional purposes. Interestingly, the results gleamed from an online survey conducted last year (involved library workers), showed that people who were already using social media found them helpful, useful, informative and engaging. The key, as Jo and Mike emphasize, is to think about who you want to be. Others, such as strategizing your content, curating your feed, managing your time, checking facts, finding your tribe, and joining an organised chat were the tips which I found the most useful for building and managing my own social media profile. They also pointed out that some users remain clear about which platform they choose for professional or personal purposes. The presenters, however, also pointed out that some users adopt the ‘profersional’ approach (yep, no typo there), whereby an individual chooses to apply a mix a professional and personal content on social platforms. This, for example, can be observed on Twitter. Jo and Mike also talked about different types of social media users. There are two broad categories, i.e. passive (lurkers) and active (broadcasters) users. In the survey that they conducted there was also a category of ‘an engager’. This made me aware that at this point in time, I am 99% of the time a passive user, or a lurker, especially on Twitter. In the context of building one’s professionalism and identity (whether it is an online one or not), the keynote, which definitely stood out for me was the one delivered by Liz Jolly, Chief Librarian at the British Library. What I mostly admired about this keynote is that Liz brought her personal experience into the presentation, and for me as a librarian in training, this is a unique opportunity listen to, and learn from it. “The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities” (R. David Lankes). With this quote, Liz encapsulated the key point of librarianship. As life changes, communities are changing with it, but, ‘what we do, is enduring’. One of the biggest challenges facing librarians that Liz highlighted is dynamism. The services that we provide are continuously changing, and us librarians in result, are exposed to continuous, almost lifelong learning. She didn’t seem to only mean completing professional courses or doing a degree in Librarianship, but more importantly she stressed the importance of reflective learning. The way to be a better professional is through reflective practice. Looking at Liz’ synopsis in the CILIP conference booklet (prior to the conference), my attention was particularly drawn to this statement “[…] securing the long-term future of libraries and librarianship means going back to the roots of our profession and looking ahead with confidence.” And this constitutes the quintessence of reflective learning. Another important aspect of the profession that Liz pointed out were learning from each other and developing resilience. In the history of the librarianship we can observe times where the profession suffered from a lack of funds, etc. We librarians therefore must articulate what we do, and we must demonstrate our value to the society. Above all, Liz highlights “let’s stop pretending that we are neutral because we are not”. Being neutral is not an answer. Our role revolves around enabling learning and changing people’s lives. Also, core to our roles, as she continued, are “listening to, and learning from, our communities”, as they [communities] best understand and identify their needs. In her presentation, Liz also addressed the lack of diversity (this also touches on social class). I must admit that her presentation was the most motivating and inspiring to me, and above all, unforgettable. One of the most important outcomes for me from the CILIP conference is that I finally had the great opportunity to meet library professionals from various sectors. From the beginning of my professional career, I have always worked in the HE sector and this conference opened some new routes for me, in which I can look at many topics from a fresh perspective. I would wholeheartedly recommend attending the CILIP conference in Manchester, especially to those who never had this chance before. The CILIP Conference is a great way to celebrate of our profession, and us, information professionals.

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CILIP LIRG events survey 2019

Posted By Fariba Bannerman, 15 May 2019

Your chance to have a say on LIRG events!

LIRG is a CILIP special interest group focused on promoting the value of information research and linking research with practice.

Please help us develop engaging and relevant professional development events by completing this survey. Completion of the survey will enter you into a prize draw offering free places on the EBLIP10conference virtual programme.

The survey should take around 5-10 minutes to complete. ( )

Contact if you have any questions.

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CILIP Conference 2019 - LIRG Bursary Winner

Posted By Administration, 08 May 2019

We are delighted to announce that the winner of LIRG bursary place for CILIP Conference 2019 is Kamila Brown. We were impressed by Kamila’s objective of attending the conference to develop her interests in collaboration and conducting research.

Kamila can look forward to two days of a comprehensive programme that will appeal to professionals in all sectors, no matter what stage of career. There is still is time for you to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount (ending 17 May) so that you can also experience the range of expert-led seminars and workshops. The content will encourage discussion, knowledge sharing and cross-sectoral learning, and provide delegates with the practical skills and knowledge to positively influence the future.

LIRG will have a stand in the exhibition hall, so remember to come and say hello, find out about our event schedule and see you can get involved with our projects. Alternatively, early bird discounts are available until 17 May and you can book these directly on the website. Remember to log in to the CILIP website before booking so that it recognises your membership status and offers you the correct delegate rate.

CILIP Conference 2019 takes place in Manchester – 3-4 July.

Early bird discount ends 17 May – Book Now

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Posted By Fariba Bannerman, 12 April 2019


Due to popular demand, Health Education England (HEE) have extended deadline for submission of expressions of interest for publishing in Library and Information Research Journal (LIR) themed issue of innovation and good practice until April 19th. For more information please visit this Page

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Invitation to publish your innovations and good practice work

Posted By Fariba Bannerman, 26 March 2019

Health Education England (HEE)  have worked in partnership with the CILIP Library and Information Research Group (LIRG) to agree a themed issue in the Library and Information Research Journal (LIR) on innovation and good practice from healthcare libraries serving the NHS. In order to help build skills and confidence around writing for publication, LIRG has been commissioned by HEE to deliver two webinars on Innovations and Good Practice Publication on: 23rd May 2019 11th July 2019

If you have an example of good practice or innovation which you would like to publish in this themed issue of LIR,  HEE would be keen to hear from you by completing an expressions of interest form (attached)  - return by Friday 12th April 2019Authors whose entries are accepted for the next step of the process will be expected to attend both of the two writing for publication webinars. For more information please visit this Page

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CILIP Conference Bursary - 2019 Manchester (3-4 July)

Posted By Fariba Bannerman, 22 March 2019

The CILIP Conference (3-4 July, Manchester) is one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated events in the library and information sector and LIRG can offer one full delegate place with one night’s accommodation as a bursary place. 

 CILIP Conference brings together around 500 professionals from across the sector to share experiences, knowledge and expertise. The keynote speakers include Liz Jolly, Patrick Lambe and Kriti Sharma. The programme is being finalised but you can see an outline of the session content at Keep up to date by following @CILIPConf19

 LIRG will have a stand in the exhibition hall, so remember to come and say hello, find out about our events schedule and see how you can get involved with our projects. To submit your application for the bursary place, please email a 100 word statement to supporting why you should be selected to attend on behalf of LIRGWe are particularly interested in hearing from people who have never been to the CILIP Conference before, and who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to go. 

 The deadline for applications is Friday 19th April.

 The winning statement will be selected from a panel of LIRG Committee members. The winner will be expected to attend both days of the conference and either engage with the conference through social media and/or write a blog post for the LIRG blog. 

 Alternatively, early bird discounts are available until 17 May and you can book these directly on the website. Remember to log in to the CILIP website before booking so that it recognises your membership status and offers you the correct delegate rate.


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LIRG at the CILIP Conference 2018

Posted By Alan J. Turner, 26 June 2018

It’s conference season! The CILIP conference is now less than a month away and LIRG have an active role.  

Library & Information Research Group reps will be around on stand 22 on Thursday 5th July @13:20–13:50.

LIRG chaired Session: The ‘evidence’ in evidence based practice @15.50 – Thursday 5th July

What is research evidence? - Dr Diane Rasmussen Pennington
“It is time to dispel the myth that only ‘researchers’ or ‘academics’ in the information profession can and should do research.” 

Collecting and using evidence routinely across health libraries - Jenny Turner
“Could the evidence collected and used locally be collated and used nationally?"

Evidencing impact through the analysis of focus group data - Leo Appleton
“This presentation will provide a brief background to a PhD research project entitled: ‘The value and impact of public libraries within the Information Society: their contribution to citizenship development’.”

Chair: Alison Brettle

For full details see the website:

If anyone who would like to write up these session and maybe take some photos for the blog, please do let us know.

We hope everyone will enjoy an engaging conference, and remember to come back from the beach after lunch! 


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Winner of a FREE place at the CILIP Conference 2018

Posted By LIRG Committee, 23 April 2018
And the winner is… Kamilla Brown! Earlier in April the LIRG Committee offered a chance to win a FREE place at the CILIP Conference 2018. Kamilla Brown from Cardiff University wrote the winning 100 word statement and will be attending The CILIP Conference in Brighton on July 4-5th. We can look forward to Kamilla’s blog report. Congratulations again, and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful, we hope you will still be able to attend and engage with social media around the conference. #CILIPConf18 Image credits: winner by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

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WIN a place at CILIP Conference 2018! #CILIPConf18

Posted By Alan J. Turner, 06 April 2018

WIN a place at Cilip Conference 2018! #CILIPConf18

The LIRG Committee is very pleased to offer you a chance to win a
FREE place at the CILIP Conference 2018! #CILIPConf18

To enter with a chance to win, please email a 100 word statement to stating why you should be selected to attend on behalf of LIRG. 

The deadline is midnight on the 18th April, and winners will be contacted on the 20th April.

Priority will be given to anyone who has not attended a CILIP conference and/or has difficulty attending for financial reasons. The winning statement will be selected from a panel of Committee members.

Please include CILIP Conference 2018 Competition in the subject and provide full name and contact details.

The winner will be expected to attend both days of the conference and either engage with the conference through social media and/or write a blog post for the LIRG blog.

Please note, accommodation & travel to the event is not included.



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Evaluate and win!

Posted By Georgina A. Tarrant, 30 December 2017

Your chance to win Amazon vouchers worth £20!

Win written in scrabble tiles

The Library and Information Research Group (LIRG) have recently launched "Introduction to Research Skills" a three-part tutorial on CILIP’s VLE. These online tutorials are designed to help you get involved in research. Packed with top tips and information on how to start your research, the tutorials also feature useful guides and activities.

We would like your feedback on our tutorials. Anyone who evaluates the tutorials has the option to enter a prize draw to win one of three £20 Amazon vouchers. The evaluation period will close at the end of February 2018. Winners will be drawn at the next LIRG committee meeting in March.

You can enrol on the LIRG tutorial via the CILIP VLE and after completing the tutorials you can evaluate them via the following website:

All feedback will be anonymous and will used to improve the tutorials.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got to be in it to win it!

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