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The Knowledge Cafe Now

Thursday 5 November 2020 10am-1pm

Half-day online workshop using Zoom

What's a knowledge cafe? How can structured conversations help the knowledge, information and library communities? How do they work online? Attend this half-day online workshop led by David Gurteen of Gurteen Knowledge and get an introduction to the Knowledge Café and how it can bring benefits now. 

The Knowledge Café is a simple method to bring a small group of people together to have a lightly structured conversation on a topic for a specific business purpose. 

In this workshop, David will explain the Café process and will share with you real-life stories (from almost 20 years of running Cafés around the world) of some of the many ways in which  the Café has been used or adapted within organisations for a broad range of purposes such as to:

  • Share knowledge
  • Generate ideas
  • Make better sense of an issue
  • Improve decision making
  • Support sales meetings and
  • Mitigate risks

The workshop will take the format of a Knowledge Café with two presentation sessions each culminating in small-group, break-out room conversations followed by a whole group conversation. This event is suitable for knowledge, information and library staff across all sectors and will run from 10am-1pm using Zoom. 

Why you should attend

By the end of this half-day event participants will:


  • Gain an understanding of the principles that underpin the Knowledge Café
  • Know how to run a Knowledge Café (both face-to-face and online on Zoom)
  • Learn the benefits of the Knowledge Café and how to adapt it for different purposes

This training session will support the following PKSB areas:
2.7 Knowledge sharing and collaboration
12.5 Communication skills
12.6 Networking skills


This training session is a satellite event of CILIP Conference Reimagined

Image: Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

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