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Information Governance Managers

Information Governance Managers

Information governance managers handle the use and security of information within an organisation. They are responsible for balancing information users’ needs with the need for information to be stored and utilised securely and with legal and regulatory compliance issues governing the use of that information. For example, in a healthcare setting this would entail balancing the need to keep patient data confidential and secure with the need to use and analyse that information to improve care for patients and inform medical research.

Information governance managers develop frameworks, policies and procedures to regulate an organisation’s use of information and data collection methods and ensure they remain compliant with legislation such as GDPR.

Qualifications and experience

Information governance encompasses skills from; traditional records management, information security, compliance, data governance, electronic discovery, risk management, privacy, data storage and archiving, knowledge management, IT management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence, big data and data science so a background in any of these areas is helpful.

You’ll also need knowledge of EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) and IGRM (Information Governance Reference Model) and the laws and regulations relevant to the organisation’s compliance issues.

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