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Viki Lagus Award for LIS Students
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Viki Lagus Award for LIS Students

The Viki Lagus Prize and prize winners.

What is the award?

The Viki Lagus prize is awarded by the CILIP North East Member Network every year to a student from each of Northumbria University's CILIP accredited postgraduate programmes: currently MSc Information Science (Library Management) and MSc Information Science (Data Analytics) who have demonstrated their commitment to continuing professional development. To be nominated, the students have to be CILIP members and agree to write an article for the Member Network’s journal NE Links.

The prize consists of £100, a certificate as well as the committee’s congratulations.

Who was Viki Lagus?

Viki Lagus was an inspiring library and information professional from the North-East of England who died through illness in 2011. She was keen on promoting continuing professional development and played a very active role within CILIP, by being a CILIP mentor and holding different roles within the former Career Development Group.(1)

In her own words: “I have been very involved in CILIP, which is the organisation that links professional librarians together. I volunteer with the Career Development Group and we run courses and conferences all over the country. It is very exciting and gives me so many opportunities that I don’t have with my day job. The most important thing I have learned in my career so far is that the more effort you put into your work and career, the more rewarding you find it.”(2)


Sources: (1) Scown, J. (2011) ‘Viki Lagus BA MA MCLIP 13.3.1976 – 17.3.2011’, Impact, Spring issue [Online]. Available at:http://careerdevelopmentgroup.... (Accessed: 28 June 2014).

                (2) Lagus, V. (2010?) ‘Viki Lagus – Development Librarian’, Libraries Archives and Information Services Careers UK [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 28 June 2014).


Viki Lagus award recipient 2014:

Denise Byrne (BSc Librarianship)

Elizabeth McHugh (MA Information and Library Management)

Viki Lagus award recipient 2015:

Steven Gunard (BSc Librarianship)

Michael Jones (MA Information and Library Management)

Viki Lagus award recipient 2016:

Krystal Vittles (BSc Librarianship)

Viki Lagus award recipient 2018:

Claire Delahunty (MSc Information Science (Library Management))

Sophie Middleton (MSc Information Science (Data Analytics)) 

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