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Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Data scientist is a general job title that can be applied to a number of different roles with varying specialisms (which we explore in a bit more depth elsewhere in this section). Generally speaking a data scientist is someone who helps an organisation make sense of the data they have. Data science as an industry has grown as a result of increased technological, analytical and storage power – for example companies can now track customer’s every move on their websites through Google Analytics, but how can they make sense of this information? What should they do with it?

A data scientist will have the knowledge and expertise to turn raw data into information which is useful to an organisation. Data scientists are responsible for developing data collection procedures, data cleansing and testing, data mining, analysis and verifying the integrity of the data.

Qualifications and experience

Knowing which questions to ask of your data and how to ask them is half the battle, so a background in information management is very useful in data science. An understanding of privacy issues, data protection and information rights is also essential when determining data collection procedures.

Data scientists are also expected to have a range of technical skills covering coding, databases, data visualisation and programming – the exact combination of these varies according to which software a company uses, but these some common examples include; Python coding, Hadoop, Apache Spark, SQL and machine learning and AI.

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