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CILIP Training: Research Support Essentials

Research Support essentials workshop training programme

This half-day session will commence at 10 and close at 2 with a 15 minute break at midday.
Fri, September 20
9:15 am



10:00 am

Introduction: why do we need to support researchers?

Research support is becoming an increasingly important part of working in an academic library but why do researchers need special support? This introductory session offers an overview of the challenges facing modern researchers in a world of open practices.

10:30 am

Research data management

This session explores what data management is and why it is important to any research project. It looks at the different areas of research data management (RDM) which library staff can advise their research community on including organisation, data backup, what to do with sensitive data and making a data management plan. Followed at 11.45 by a 15 minutes refreshment break

11:15 am

Open Access

This session looks at Open Access and its increasing importance to both researchers and libraries. It will outline the basics of Open Access including the different types and how researchers can make their work availability. It will also touch on developments such as Plan S and the backlash against Open Access.

12:00 pm

Short break


12:15 pm

Disseminating research

Sharing their outputs involves a series of decisions for researchers including which format to produce, which publisher to approach, avoiding the problem of predatory publishers and how to promote outputs. This sesion looks at these decisions and shows how library staff can support their research community at every stage of the publication lifecycle.

1:00 pm

Metrics and measuring impact

Publishing research outputs is no longer the end of the process for researchers and measuring impact is becoming increasingly important. This session will outline the most common metrics used in research, the development of altmetrics and the move towards the responsible use of such measures.

1:45 pm

Conclusion: who is the research support librarian?

As well as the skills and knowledge needed to work in this area, library staff need to display certain personal attributes such as resilience. This concluding session will tie together all of the areas covered by the workshop and outline the different types of role that are available in research support.

2:00 pm



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