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CDEG Committee members
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Dave Percival - Chair

Dave Percival is the Learning and Engagement Manager at Portsmouth Library Service..

Karen Berry - Secretary

She was one of the founding members of The Diversity Group and served on their committee. She is committed to equalities and has been active in the profession for a long time. Currently she is unemployed but is actively volunteering in Coventry in her local park and for the Positive Images Festival which celebrates diversity.

Tom Berry - Committee Member

Tom Berry is a CDEG committee member and secretary of the London Housebound (Libraries) Services Group (LHSG) - part of CDEG - that shares information between staff responsible for services in and around London. LHSG meets 3 or 4 times a year usually in a different London library authority.

I have used books and libraries for as long as I can remember – and I’m retired now! It was purely accidental that my working life was spent in libraries as I really wanted to go into horticulture but the pay wasn’t as good!

My working background is public libraries in Brent, Harrow, and Hounslow although I chose to do special libraries as part of my library qualification which gave me a good excuse to visit some world famous places.

After gaining my qualification I started on what would prove a long and very satisfying road – working to bring library services to people unable to get to a library. What a joy not only handling library materials every day and being responsible for the right stock but seeing readers in their own homes.

A valuable part of my life that still continues is working with colleagues and friends still involved and interested in libraries and the services they offer. I now have the best of both worlds – able to use my local library as a customer, and, in a ‘professional’ capacity read about and be involved with the challenges that all library services face today.

I am currently secretary of the London Housebound (Libraries) Services Group (LHSG) - part of CDEG - that shares information between staff responsible for services in and around London. LHSG meets 3 or 4 times a year usually in a different London library authority. Currently information can be obtained by email using the details below. LHSG is currently looking into other ways of sharing information on its work. Tom Berry.

Moira Johnson - Committee Member

She has worked in school, HE and FE library services since 1990. Her career includes 13 years as Learning Resources Manager at a specialist provider in Hampshire for students with disabilities, Treloar’s, . Her current role is Assistant Librarian at the University of Portsmouth.

John Vincent - Committee Member

John has worked in the public sector, primarily with libraries, since the early 1960s. This has involved working at all levels, including an extended period as Head of Service in the London Borough of Lambeth. Since 1999, John has coordinated “The Network – tackling social exclusion” which works with libraries, museums, archives and cultural & heritage organisations.

In this role, John regularly runs training courses and speaks at conferences, disseminates information to support the work of the sector, and advocates the role of the sector in social justice.

Ineta Krauls-Ward - Committee Member

Ineta Krauls-Ward (PhD, Communication and Information) has been lecturer in Library and Information Science, Information Management, Archival Studies, Journalism and Culture Information Communication programmes at Klaipeda University and Vilnius University (Lithuania).

Before embarking on a career of independent consultant, she was a Director of Library and Information Science Centre at National Library of Lithuania.

Her research interests include social impact of library services and library profession, reading and book culture, Library and Information Science methodology.

Carol Smith (Hons) Anthropology, DipLib, MCLIP - Committee Member

Library Services and Knowledge Manager Bevan Library Bedford Hospital NHS Trust
  • I have been based at the Bevan Library Bedford Hospital for five years, the first time that I have worked in the Health sector. I am the Athens Administrator for the Hospital and offer training for all staff in literature searching and accessing healthcare databases. I search for requested Journal articles from other sources such as the BMA and the British Library and I promote eLearning in the library. My last post was as Senior Librarian at YarlsWood Immigration Detention Centre. There I was responsible for obtaining books in more than 20 languages, managing five libraries and training staff and advising Detainees on the Human Rights Act, Immigration Law and the appeals system. Previously I was the Multi-Cultural services Librarian at Luton Central Library where I was responsible for sourcing all Indic language stock, organising cultural events such as Black History Month and the setting up and running a Black interest Reading group. Prior to that I worked as Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages at Bedford Register Office.
  • My first degree is in Anthropology (BSc Hons), specialising in West African and Caribbean anthropology and the genetics of Human migration. I have a Post graduate Diploma in Library and Information Science also from University College London. I taught briefly after gaining a TEFL qualification.
  • Whilst at Bedford Hospital I have expanded the library stock to include non-medical resources such as Human Resources, religion and the health and Ethnicity collection which now includes over 350 reports on subjects such as sickle cell anaemia and racial variation in diabetes. There is also a range of reports on equalities and human rights.
  • I attend the Japanese Buddhist Nippon Myohoji Temple at Milton Keynes, the Triratna Buddhist groups in Milton Keynes and Cambridge and regularly attend events at Amaravati Monastery in Hertfordshire. My Daughter lives in Sweden so I have enjoyed visiting Stockolm on a regular basis in both winter (incredibly cold but beautiful) and summer (surprisingly hot and such a beautiful city spread out over many islands).


  • Health & Ethnicity Collection of over 300 reports resource for cultural competencies
  • Cultural awareness displays
  • Member of the Hospital faith Committee as Buddhist representative
  • Cultural awareness monthly training new staff: Diet and religion, Asian naming patterns
  • Committee Member CILIP Community, Equality and Diversity group
  • Diversity Champion Bedfordshire CCG
  • The Sally Hernando Awards for Innovation in NHS Library and Knowledge Services. 2015 for the Health & Ethnicity Collection
UNISON Bedford Health Branch

Education Officer, Equality Officer, Branch Education Co-Coordinator

  • Committee member regional Education and training Committee RETC
  • UNISON member JSMC
  • TUC Diploma in Equalities
  • ILM Diploma Managing Diversity at Work

Briony Birdi - Committee Member

Briony Birdi is a Lecturer in Librarianship at the Information School, University of Sheffield. Much of her teaching relates to public, youth and school libraries and librarianship, and within these three areas her research focuses in particular on public libraries and diversity.

Binni Brynolf - Committee Member

Binni is Digital Resources Librarian at Chatham House, a policy institute in international affairs based in London. They have worked in libraries for more than 20 years, mostly in systems and team leadership roles in public, academic and special libraries both in the UK and Sweden. Binni is also a trade union activist and is particularly interested in the equality and diversity work that trade unions and professional organisations can do for and with LGBT+ communities.

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