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Carnegie Leadership

Stepping into Leadership

We are all capable of leading and we are all capable of becoming better leaders. This course makes it clear that “leadership” is not confined to people at the “top” of organisations. Leadership qualities are found at all levels and Stepping into Leadership will help you improve your personal effectiveness as a leader.

Carnegie Library Lab LogoOriginally developed as part of the Carnegie Library Lab (CLL), created by the Carnegie UK Trust (CUKT) to encourage creativity, innovation and leadership in public libraries in the UK and Ireland, this course can be accessed by those working in the library and information sector.

The programme consists of the six modules below (i.e. the numbered boxes) and following the whole programme will:

  • Increase your understanding of key leadership concepts
  • Encourage you to reflect on your own leadership qualities
  • Help you to develop a personal action plan to improve your effectiveness as a leader

It is possible to access the programme at any point, but it will be most beneficial if the modules are followed in the order above.

Please download the Stepping Into Leadership Course Workbook. It is a Word file so that you can use it to make your own notes on the reflections in each module and add any other thoughts you have as you go along.

For a list of all the websites and resources used in this course please download the Stepping into Leadership References document.

Use the links below to access the modules in the Stepping into Leadership course

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1. Thinking about Leadership

This module invites you to think about it for yourself, observe leadership around you and to start to formulate a picture of the leader you are now and the leader that you want to be in the future.

2. Why?

This module focuses on the importance of knowing WHY we do what we do, and the challenge of how to articulate this to others.

2. WHY?
3. Power

In this module we will look at the types and sources of power and, using thinking from Transactional Analysis,consider what power looks like in inter-personal relationships.We will also look at some of the uncomfortable aspects of power.


4. Creativity and innovation

This module is about innovation and creativity. Like all skills, creativity and innovation need continuous nurturing and application if they are to become part of our instinctive approach to developing our services

5. Change

In this module we will look at some theories and models about change. Some of the ideas will resonate with you while others might feel less useful. It's OK to reject a model, but it's important for you to know why you are doing that.

6. Becoming the leader I want to be

This module is the opportunity to look back at your thoughts and reflections about leadership and creativity and formulate an action plan to continue developing as a leader.


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