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eLucidate 15 (1-2) 2018
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eLucidate 15 (1-2) 2018

Welcome to Volume 15 issue 1-2 2018 of UKeiG’s journal eLucidate.


A huge vote of thanks to the expert contributors who have made this special double issue of eLucidate so thought-provoking and informative. Many of the articles celebrate the ongoing success of our continuing professional development programme and highlight our upcoming courses for the remainder of 2018


UKeiG encourages the submission of articles and reports about any of the topics covered by the journal, and contributions and suggestions for content can be emailed to me at


Pease refer to Notes for contributors for further information. 

Enjoy, and please give us your feedback and join us in discussions on social media.


Gary Horrocks


Editor – eLucidate


eLucidate 15 (1-2) 2018: Table of Contents

In this issue:

Editor’s Note

The future of Google is not about search


Academic librarianship as a data profession: the familiar and unfamiliar in the data role spectrum


The emergence of open data


Academic research and its relevance to enterprise search success


Can a Library Management System be used to archive and preserve tweets?


Online resources


Looking to the future: ILI’s 2018 20th birthday conference preview


The UKeiG Strix Award and 2018 Annual Memorial Lecture


The 1980s and the British Library SIR Project


Notes for contributors




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