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HLG Conference 2018 Posters
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Health Libraries Group Conference 2018 posters


Using NHS SmartCards as library cards

This poster will demonstrate how to implement NHS SmartCards as MiFare Library Cards, compatible with LMS Systems and Self Service Kiosks. The poster will share this easy-to-implement use of existing technology in new ways. Recognised as an Innovation by the Sally Hernando Awards 2017.

Presented by: 
Lisa Basini, Librarian, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

MINDSPACE - Mental Health Trail at the BMA Library: Alternative uses of library space 
The library organised a trail of activities for staff as part of a series of events designed to raise awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing Month in October 2017. The work involved re-purposing sections of the library, creating fun activities, information displays and practical mind/body exercises ranging from a dark room with a Tibetan singing bowl and chocolate tasting to colouring, sudoku and herb jars. The remit was to aid staff discovery of the abundant library resources on mental health and experience practical exercises whilst exploring the library space.  

Presented by: 
Helen Elwell, Clinical Librarian, British Medical Association
Sonia Martinez-Roura, Assistant Librarian - Marketing & Communications, British Medical Association

Supporting a new medical curriculum: library and faculty collaboration
The introduction of a new phased Curriculum for MBBS students at King’s College London has brought exciting opportunities for collaborative working and relationship building with Library Services and the GKT School of Medical Education. The aim of this poster is to disseminate some of the work that was done for this beyond the immediate Library Service.

Presented by:

Clare Crowley, Library Liaison Manager, King's College London

Empowering patients with Coronary Vascular Disease information: a collaboration between the Librarian and Lead Specialist Nurse Cardiology at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, West Middlesex Hospital Site
People should have access to health information to assist in making informed choices. Quality information is reliable, timely, relevant and easy to understand. It is essential for well-being, promoting self-care, shared decision making, medication adherence and recovery. With this objective in mind, the Librarian and Lead Cardiology Nurse at West Middlesex Hospital site started a pilot working collegially to provide health information to Cardiology inpatients there by assisting to empower patients with evidence based health information. This pilot demonstrates provision of a health Information service for patients greatly aids both the patient and succeeds in the fulfillment of the Trust’s vision of empowerment for patients.

Presented by:
Uma Devalapalli, Library & Knowledge Service Manager, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, West Middlesex Hospital site
Poster produced in conjunction with Cas Shotter Weetman, Lead Specialist Nurse Cardiology

How should Information Specialists obtain feedback from clients to inform service improvement? Developing methods to capture robust and meaningful feedback

Feedback from clients can inform strategic service development decisions. It provides a useful means of depicting what clients think and value about services including what they expect and understand and where there is scope for improvement. Feedback can also assess whether the service is meeting the needs of users. The Information Specialist (IS) team in the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences wanted to identify methods to pilot that could enhance feedback quality, providing more robust and meaningful data that could be used to inform service development decisions. Using interviews results, expert advice, literature and mailing list responses, they developed a new feedback method comprising a 5-15 minute ‘wash up discussion’ between the IS and the researcher at the end of project searches. 

Presented by:

Naila Dracup, Information Specialist, University of Leeds

Building networks and dismantling the silos at RJAH

This poster will showcase how the team at RJAH has developed its outreach service, created new networks and partnerships, built and strengthened relationships, and worked towards breaking down silo working at RJAH. Methods include:  
Working with their Public Library service colleagues to develop services and facilitate access to public library services for our long term patients and their carers
Building and strengthening relationships within the organization
Working with clinical and non-clinical teams to ensure that information given to patients is easily accessible, evidence based and current
Developing the outreach service: working with nursing staff to support the STAR quality assessment process
Facilitating a Trust-wide poster event which celebrated and shared learning and good practice throughout RJAH

Presented by: 
Lis Edwards, Library Services Manager, Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Louisa Fulbrook, Deputy Library Services Manager, Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

A simple title scheme for simpler guideline retrieval

This poster presents how a simple title structure was devised to address issues with the retrieval of guidelines at one Trust. This is a useful application of our skills that could make a significant difference to the speed of retrieval of these important documents to support patient care. If adopted more widely it could also contribute to more consistent naming within the NHS which could further support ease of use.

Presented by:
Alan Fricker, Head of NHS Partnership & Liaison, Library Services, King’s College London

The JET Library policy briefings

This poster aims to tell people about the JET Library policy briefings and promote them to other NHS Library Services.

Presented by:
John Gale, Trust Librarian, Mid-Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Publication tracking to support the Manchester Biomedical research Centre (BRC) and NIHR Clinical Research Facility (NIHR/CRF)

The NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (Manchester BRC) is hosted by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Manchester, in partnership with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. The NIHR Manchester CRF comprises four dedicated experimental research units at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and Wythenshawe Hospital.
Tracking research outputs from multiple organisational entities such as BRCs and CRFs presents a number of challenges to librarians supporting research colleagues. This poster describes the methodologies for sourcing the data from primary bibliographic databases, identifying funding, and ascertaining which outputs are grant related and supported by NIHR. 

Presented by:

Steve Glover, Head of Library Services at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Elham Aalai, Assistant Librarian, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Knowvember 2018: Putting health libraries at the heart of organisational knowledge

Knowvember 2018 is an opportunity to raise the issue of knowledge management (KM) in health organisations, and to highlight the privileged position that library services hold in being able to promote good KM practice. It will run through November 2018. The primary aim of this poster is to raise the profile of the Knowvember 2018 campaign among health library services. It will contextualise the campaign by first presenting an introduction to the idea of KM, and then examples of tools and techniques for promoting effective KM in health organisations. Through a selection of small case studies, the poster shall highlight existing cases of good KM practice currently demonstrated by health library services.

Presented by:
Bennet Jones, Clinical Librarian, North Bristol NHS Trust

Collaborating to create consensus guidelines: creating effective partnerships across the country, across professions, across time and across the cloud-based platforms

This poster outlines the process of a dispersed team of specialist registrars collaborating with two medical librarians in different trusts to carry out a national audit of epistaxis management. The result is five systematic reviews carried out without any face-to-face meetings between the entire team.

Presented by:
Isla Kuhn, Medical Librarian, University of Cambridge 
Poster produced in conjunction with:
Dr Matt Smith, Clinical Research Associate & Specialist Registrar, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
Dr Richard Williams, Chair of INTEGRATE Steering Committee & Specialist Registrar, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Mary Smith, Clinical Support Librarian, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Critical thinking

Journal club is the sharing of contemporary knowledge and appraising the value of that knowledge for applications in clinical practice. In the past journal clubs aimed at nurses have encountered several issues such as poor attendance, lack of understanding and lack of critiquing skills. Through partnership between an ICU nurse and a Clinical Librarian, a bi-monthly journal club was started in 2014. A physical and virtual journal club was designed to make it accessible for everyone, so shift-patterns, childcare and academic level would not hinder participation. The goal is to encourage and empower nurses to read, understand and question research evidence. Expanding our knowledge helps us to grow and develop as healthcare professionals. It also aids in bridging the research-practice gap and ensuring delivery of evidence-based care. Journal club started with a low attendance, but it continues to grow with more than 100 registered users and a wide range of topics.

Presented by:

Lisa Lawrence, Clinical Librarian, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Poster produced in conjunction with:
Nicola Hadfield, Sister, Intensive Care Unit, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Roddy the Elf Learns to Love Libraries - A fun and engaging cross-media promotional project

This poster will detail the use of the popular 'Elf on the Shelf' social media meme in promotion of library services using a fun and engaging theme over the festive period. The promotion was also turned into a hard copy format to promote internally to Trust staff. Feedback was obtained and impact measured.

Presented by:

Carol McCormick, Learning Resources Librarian, South Tees Institute of Learning, Research and Innovation

Supporting article writers: The UHL Writing Club

The UHL Writing Club is a bi-monthly workshop on specific topics of interest to people writing for publication. Topics have included forest plots, audit, reporting guidelines and informal peer review sessions. This poster will show what the Writing Club does to help people to publish their practice or research.

Presented by:
Pip Divall, Clinical Librarian Service Manager, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Poster produced in conjunction with:
Keith Nockels, Clinical Librarian, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Louise Hull, Clinical Librarian, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Sarah Sutton, Clinical Librarian, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

United Against Dementia: an example of partnership working

Basildon Healthcare Library staff organised a collaborative venture with the local public library and the hospital Dementia Team to successfully promote Dementia Awareness Week 2017. People from the local community were invited to Basildon Public Library to record their memories of the local area, read a newspaper article from the district’s newspaper archive or an extract from a classic book. Hollywood actor Eddie Marsan provided celebrity endorsement. The resulting readings would be used in reminiscence therapy with patients at Basildon Hospital to enhance their care. Profiles were raised for all involved with extensive local media coverage, and dementia awareness was given another platform in the community. The profile of the library was raised in the Trust by having the Managing Director take part. This poster demonstrates the ways in which libraries can facilitate healthcare staff in the support of patients and carers and help create community involvement in patient care. It also highlights the importance of strengthening working relationships across library sectors.

Presented by:
Liz Hunwick, Library Manager, Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals Foundation Trust Poster produced in conjunction with:
Sarah Colquhoun, Senior Library Assistant, Basildon Healthcare Library

Enhanced links and cooperative working with Quality, Innovation & Improvement (Qii), Research, Clinical Audit departments and Knowledge, Library & Information Service (KLIS) at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHSFT (DBTH)

This poster will outline a project about maximising informed cross referral and information sharing between four departments, with a future aim that library services are promoted at all relevant stages to all Trust staff engaged in quality improvement and innovation, research or clinical audit. The emphasis was on the mobilisation of evidence and on the provision of knowledge and specialist skills to support clinical and managerial decision making within DBTH. Other immediate project developments were around tailored Current Awareness bulletins and mutual support and cross.

Presented by:
Janet Sampson, Knowledge, Library & Information Services Manager, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHSFT and Sarah Gardner, Clinical/Outreach Librarian, Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHSFT

Undertaking Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) research: study design basics and critical appraisal

The Library and Knowledge Service were approached by one of the medical statisticians from the Research and Development (R&D) department to ask if they could support them in delivering training to staff who were interested in undertaking research within the Trust. An initial meeting was arranged and once the bare bones of the session had been devised a further face-to-face meeting was arranged. The initial session was then trialled, comprising of two short presentations; the first was delivered by the Training Librarian, with the second presentation being delivered by one of the two medical statisticians. Over time the focus of the training has changed to teaching staff how to review publications, whilst providing an overview of what they need to consider if they wish to undertake a clinical trial. The sessions have since been delivered to Foundation doctors as part of the F2 Teaching Programme and also on the Core Medical Trainee Teaching programme. The sessions need to be regularly updated to reflect changes in trial protocol, to update the checklists and to refresh the paper studied in the session.

Presented by:
Suzanne Toft, Training Librarian, Library and Knowledge Service, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Delivering a reflective writing training session for new trainee Senior Healthcare Support Worker Level 3 students, jointly delivered with the programme lead, and involving collaborating with our Trust's Learning and Development department

This poster will explain how a reflective writing training session, for new trainee Senior Healthcare Support Worker Level 3 students, was developed and delivered. This has involved working collaboratively with the programme lead and the Learning and Development department. The aim of the session was to deliver a half-day session on reflective writing to support a cohort of healthcare assistants. The format of the session was discussed, with the Training Librarian emphasising the benefit of a mixed methods session, which would comprise a short presentation interspersed with group, or single, activities. This would enable people with different learning styles to benefit from the session. Feedback from the students was very good and included the following comments: “informative yet interactive session”, “the best training in 15 years” and “feel ready to learn and progress”.

Presented by:
Suzanne Toft, Training Librarian, Library and Knowledge Service, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Supporting health and well-being information provision for the public - LQAF 5.3L
This poster will demonstrate how you can collaborate with public libraries to support health literacy for members of the public.

Presented by:
Samantha Unamboowe, Library Manager, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust 

Innovative topic guides in health libraries: a usability study

The North Somerset Healthcare Library and the Exeter Health Library have recently acquired Springshare Libguides, a software package capable of creating microsites on numerous topics. Librarians from both health libraries are using the software to collate resources around topics which are relevant to their respective Trusts. To ensure that the microsites are meeting the high specifications of healthcare professionals, both libraries have collaborated to discover exactly what healthcare professionals would like to see online, using a think aloud usability study. This poster will detail the results of the usability study, and also the capabilities of the highly innovative Libguides software.


Presented by:
Hannah Wood, Librarian, Weston Area Health Trust
Poster produced in conjunction with:
Carol Giles, Library Manager, Royal Devon and Exeter Health Trust





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