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Bishop and LeFanu Lecture
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Bishop and LeFanu Lecture

The Bishop and LeFanu Memorial Lecture was established in 1968 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Medical Section of the Library Association, in which William John Bishop played a significant role. Leslie Morton suggested and endorsed having Bishop commemorated by a lecture or similar memorial.  This was then put into effect.  It was decided that the lecture should be given annually, if possible on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting. Distinguished non-librarians would be invited from time to time to give the lecture, perhaps every second year. 

Mr. W.R. LeFanu was invited to give the first lecture at the 1968 Annual General meeting.  The lecture was given annually until 2001. Since then it has been given every two years at the Health Libraries Group Conference.  A more detailed history of what lectures have been given from 1968 - 1983 is available here.  The brief details of all past lectures are below.

Selection is by nomination, with approval from HLG Committee.

The most recent lecture

The 2018 lecture was given at the HLG Conference at Keele University by Isla Kuhn entitled Everyone’s a winner - the pros and pros of volunteering with Evidence Aid

Details of past lectures

2016 Gareth Allen an Independent Consultant - Woburn Cycles spoke about the benefits of exercise on mental health.

2014 Professor Alison Fells, Leeds University about the health issues facing those involved in the World War 1, including a discussion on what nurses' diairies, letters and memoirs tell us about the war and their experiences.

2012  Dr Yannis Pitsiladis, Prohibited List Expert Group, World Anti-Doping Agency, Doping in Sport: the evidence for performance enhancement in the Olympics.

2010  Dr Sanjay Agrawal, Consultant Respiratory Intensivist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.  The ups and downs of disaster planning.

2008  Professor Michael Heinrich, Head of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, University of London.
Write down what we know? Local and indigenous knowledge about medicines. 

2006  Dr Steven B Kayne Christian Samuel Hahnemann - the first independent prescriber? 

2003 Abigail Woods, University of Manchester. The history of foot and mouth disease.

 Professor Rosalie David, Keeper of Egyptology, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester. 
Ancient Egyptian Mummies: a resource for studying disease.

2000 Peter Morgan, Cambridge University Medical Library and Mike Carmel, South Thames Library and Information Service. 
Getting organised: a history of the NHS Regional Librarians Group and the University Medical School Librarians Group. Edited text of Part 2, "A History of the University Medical School Librarians Group" 

 Dr Dominik Wujastyk, Wellcome Library. 
As above, so below: a history of body-image in the Indian book. 

 Bruce Madge, British Library. 
Theatre of plants: a history of English Herbals. 

 Dr Irvine Loudon, Medical Historian. 
The tragedy of childbed fever. 

 Eric J Freeman, Director of History of Medicine and Librarian, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine. 
From gentleman's club to the marketplace: the library experience. 

 Professor David Sackett, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.  
The need for evidence based medicine. 

 Anne Willis, District Librarian, Pilgrim Hospital, Lincolnshire. 
The Library Association Medical, Health and Welfare Libraries Group 1978-1992.

1993 Vivian Nutton, Senior Lecturer in the History of Medicine, Wellcome Institute.
Medicine and printing in the sixteenth century. 

1992 Shane Godbolt, Regional Librarian, North West Thames Regional Health Authority. 
The incomparable Mac: back to the future.

1991 Ruth Hudson, Sales and Marketing, Silver Platter. 
History and growth of CD-ROM. 

1990 Marc Walckiers, Director of the Library, Faculte de Medicine, University of Louvain. 
Publishing, libraries and new technology in Europe today and tomorrow. 

1989 Harold Ellis, Professor of Anatomy, University of Cambridge. 
July 1 1916: a surgical catastrophe.

1988 Beryl Ruff, Former Librarian, World Health Organization. 
Public health and society.

1987 Roy Porter, Senior Lecturer, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine. 
Smallpox epidemics in 18th and 19th century England.

1986 Joan Emmerson, Former Librarian, Newcastle University Medical School. 
The Pybus Collection on the history of medicine.

1985 Sir John Walton, Warden of Green College. The Oxford Companion to Medicine: development and delivery.

1984 Ann M C Kahn, Librarian, Department of Health and Social Security. 
Making business out of information: the medical response.
1983 Robert Maxwell, Chairman, Pergamon Press and British Printing Corporation.
The challenge of information technology to medical librarianship.

1982 Frederick Sutherland, Former Librarian, British Medical Association. 
The politics of medical librarianship.
1981 Sir Christopher C Booth, Director, MRC Clinical Research Centre. 
The development of medical journals in Britain.

1980 Patrick Bishop, Librarian, Cardiothoracic Institute. 
What strange beast is this? (Medical librarians and their work).

1979 Stephen Lock, Editor, British Medical Journal. 
Early British medical journals.

1978 Leslie Morton, Former Librarian, National Institute for Medical Research. 
The Saints of medicine.

1977 Hugh L'Etang, Editor, The Practitioner. 
The pathology of leadership.

1976 John L Thornton, Librarian, St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College. 
Medical librarianship before and since the war.

1975 Charles E Newman, Harveian Librarian, Royal College of Physicians. 
The fascination of book collecting. 1974 Leonard M Payne, Librarian, Royal College of Physicians. Some aspects of biography and portraiture.
1973 Iain Macintyre, Professor, Royal Postgraduate Medical School. Calcitonin.
1972 D T Richnell, Director and Goldsmith's Librarian, University of London. 
Library co-operation and the national library service. 

1971 K Bryn Thomas, Medical Historian and Honorary Librarian of the Reading Pathological Society. 
Anatomical atlases. 

1970 Philip Wade, Librarian, Royal Society of Medicine. 
Librarians: the nature of the men and their relations with machines. (published in LAR 1970, 72, 281)

1969 Jessie Dobson, Curator of the Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons. 
Doctors in literature. 

1968 William LeFanu, Former Librarian, Royal College of Surgeons of England. 
William John Bishop: a great medical librarian..

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