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Research Bursary
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The purpose of the Research Bursary is to develop marketing capability and experience amongst library staff in the UK.

The fund is open to anyone working in a library or information service in the UK who is also an individual Marketing & Communications group member (membership to M&CG is free as part of your CILIP membership).

You do not need to be at a managerial grade within your organisation, however you do need the permission and support of your organisation in implementing your project.

One bursary will be awarded per year and the individual/team allocated the sum of £750 to achieve the goals set out in their application.

Deadline for 2020 applications: 31st March 2020

The deadline for completion of the work using the bursary will be negotiated following the award but it is anticipated that it will be no more than a 12 month period.

Your employer may match the bursary with their own funds to a maximum of £750 if they wish to achieve a greater aim, however this is not essential and does not carry weighting in the award of the bursary

The bursary can be used to pay for consultancy but not to pay for existing staff time to work on the project. Please contact the bursary team for more clarification on this if needed.

Any project related to marketing will be considered for eligibility, examples of projects you might wish to apply to fund could be: redesign of library marketing materials, projects to carry out specific market research, targeted promotional campaigns, or staff upskilling through attendance at marketing courses/workshops.

Applications for the bursary are assessed by the M&CG committee using the below criteria.  

·         Suitability of project for the proposed aims

·         Anticipated project reach and measurability of target outcomes

·         Effective use of budget

·         Clarity of project timeline

·         Effectiveness of the proposed evaluation

·         Potential legacy/lasting impact on the applicant library

A key condition of the bursary award is that the successful candidate must provide a written project report at the end of the project (made accessible using a CC license.) Where relevant, any anonymised research data should also be made available using a CC license.  In addition to this you must be willing to appear at the following years’ M&CG annual conference to report back on your project and how the bursary has been used. The format of this contribution will be confirmed by the committee and may vary to meet the wider conference schedule, but would typically involve giving a presentation or facilitating a workshop.

Once a successful project is selected from submissions, M&CG representatives will contact all applicants with the outcome.

To apply for the bursary, please submit a word document to to include the following areas:

Applicant details            

Name/contact details/Library Service detail

Project Overview           

Please give a detailed outline of your project (i.e. what is it you want to do)

Project Aims     

What will be the aims of your project and how will you achieve these?

Anticipated Outcomes and Reach

Please provide your measureable anticipated outcomes – e.g. how many people do you expect your project to reach in person or via social media, what impact will attending this course have, etc?

Budget Allocation          

Please provide a breakdown of how you will allocate the budget provided

Project Timeline             

Please provide a breakdown of activity for this project

Evaluation Method        

How will you evaluate your project and how will you identify success, with reference to your aims and outcomes?

Project Legacy  

What do you anticipate will be the key learning points from the project and how do you foresee this project contributing to your library’s ongoing benefit?


I confirm I have permission of my Library Service to carry out the proposed project         

I confirm I am able to provide a written evaluative report on my project

I confirm I am able to attend and speak at a M&CG conference


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